TV SHOW Design & Production

  • Custom Designed Celebrity TV Shows
  • Full Production Services in our Studios
  • Worldwide Network Broadcast Distribution
    • ​Entertainment Programs
    • ​Education, Healthcare, Skills Training
  • Television, Radio Sponsorship Marketing
  • No Cost Celebrity Cause Fundriasers
  • No Cost Fundraisers for Non Profit Organizations
  • ​Providing Resources for Ministries Worldwide

Stargate Worldwide Foundation

FULL show DESIGN & production SERVICES

Stargate Worldwide Broadcasting is a division of Stargate Worldwide Foundation.   Our broadcasting will provide audio/visual/education, skills training, and spiritual, physical, and financial services worldwide designed to "Give A Hand-Up" to under-served individuals and communities worldwide.

Broadcast Partnerships available.

Our highly skilled creative and development teams create award winning TV family-friendly programming for TV, Cable, and Satellite network(s) distribution.

Have an idea for a weekly television show or a one-time TV special for your charity or cause? Contact Stargate Worldwide Productions & Global Broadcasting.

The Stargate Worldwide Foundation is expanding and limited Investment partnerships may be availableYour investment may be used as a tax deduction.  Must sign NDA.  Your investment is will be used to purchase high-equity commercial real estate for live audience television & radio productions & network(s) broadcasts. 

Each location will allow us to create more original, family-approved weekly TV/Radio/Internet program series and help us create more jobs, education, skills training opportunities, and generate more income to help humanity through numerous non-profit charities in the United States and Worldwide.

Concert Production • Television Production
Charity Fundraising Since 1989

Stargate Worldwide Foundation is launching new Radio, Television, & Internet Satellite & Cable Broadcasts Globally from our own venues in 2022.