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Stargate Worldwide has distribution connections in 236 independent North American markets, in addition to several cable & satellite outlets nationwide and radio & television broadcast distribution rights to 160 countries. 

Our broadcast distribution partnerships have a presence on all continents except Antarctica.

Concert Production • Television Production
Charity Fundraising Since 1989

Stargate Worldwide Foundation is launching new Radio, Television, & Internet Satellite & Cable Broadcasts Globally from our own venues in 2022.

We are building 1,500 - 3,000-seat theatres as "Live Audience Entertainment Attractions" in Florida now, anticipating an economic rebound in 2022.   Our purpose is to entertain live theatre and home TV audiences while helping nonprofit causes at the same time.   50% of every sold ticket is gifted to charities that directly help children, families, Veterans, communities, and disaster victims in time of need.   We also provide online education, skills training centers, rural healthcare centers with free adoption services, solar-powered organic modular aquaponic farms, clean-water drilling rigs, plus paid intern scholarships in hospitality, the culinary arts, audio/video production/post production and worldwide broadcasting training.

Years of bringing professional audio/video/broadcast teams together at mobile events makes Stargate Worldwide & 3E Media well positioned to bring audiences into our theaters everyday.   Consistent ticket pricing, quality, family-approved entertainment, & customer service makes us uniquely qualified to produce original live audience TV programming that advertisers and networks love to support, further helping nonprofit causes.   

We partner with regional colleges and universities and pay students to intern with our multi-media production, post-production, culinary arts, and hotel hospitality professionals at our properties.

Contact us at Foundation@StargateWorldwide.org for more information about partnering with Stargate Worldwide.


"Investing in People since 1989."