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Stargate Worldwide has distribution rights in 236 independent US markets, in addition to several cable & satellite outlets nationwide and radio & television broadcast distribution rights to 160 countries.   We also hold production rights in most all distribution areas under a World Trade Organization membership.

Our broadcast distribution partnerships have a presence on all continents except Antarctica.


Concert Production • Television Production
Charity Fundraising Since 1989

We are actively selling corporate stock with the sole purpose of buying and/or building 1,000 - 2,000-seat theaters in several States in which to produce our 50+ owned original television shows in front of live studio audiences.  

Our years of bringing professional audio/video/broadcast teams together at mobile events makes Stargate Worldwide & 3E Media well positioned to bring audiences into our theaters everyday.   Consistency in program formatting, consistency in ticket pricing, and consistency in quality fan favorite live entertainment makes us uniquely qualified to produce high-quality original programming that advertiser and networks will love as well as music, game show, competition, and variety fans. 

Contact Terry at Terrykeeney1@aol.com for more information about partnering with Stargate Worldwide.   Every stock-holder has an opportunity to receive a 20% or more return on their investment and double their investment in three years. In addition, each investment will benefit non profit causes from our production and sponsorship efforts.  


"Investing in People since 1989."