Concert Production • Television Production
Charity Fundraising Since 1989

2020 Update - Soon, Stargate Worldwide Foundation is launching new Radio, Television, & Internet Satellite & Cable Broadcasts Globally.

We are all created uniquely, with individual skills, but a single purpose.

That purpose is to work together in unity while allowing each to operate

in the gifts they have been given.   1 Corinthians 12:4-6

About Stargate Worldwide FOUNDATION

Stargate Worldwide Teams 

A Made in USA non-profit tax-exempt Foundation

Stargate Worldwide dispatches specialized event planners, TV & concert production, & Audio/Visual independent contractor teams and equipment worldwide to help numerous celebrities and broadcast networks raise funding for charities. (since 1989)

We help many A –List Entertainers, actors, & sports celebrities with causes they support.

Through our Repurposing Resources Division, we help Entrepreneurs physically and financially with products or services, including real estate development.  We research each demographic and bring businesses and franchises that benefit the community and create skills training and jobs as needed.

Our teams are comprised of independent contractors, tops in their field of expertise with excellent references and work ethics.

Stargate Worldwide Foundation Culture

For more than 30 years, we have delivered on our promise to provide the very best in national recording artist concerts and special events worldwide to raise funding and awareness for non profit causes benefiting children, families, communities, Veterans, and disaster victims worldwide.​  

Due to Covid19 crowd restrictions, we are unable to book, produce, and sell tickets to help charities in 2020.   Limiting crowd size because of social distancing would increase our ticket prices and lower our fund-raising efforts for charities.